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This one time I ran a porn blog...

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Paul Donahoe, AKA Nash, U of Nebraska wrestler who was discovered doing jack-off vids for Fratmen porn site

Here are the three parts.  Just imagine that monster cock in a singlet rubbin up against another wrestler.  Damn!.

Nash Jack-off Video Part 1/3

Swimmers, wrestlers, football players / singlets, jockstraps, speedos and spandex!


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Anonymous asked: I think you'd be so easy to fall in love with. I'm not talking about how sexy you are (cause you are)...I'm talking about hanging out, getting to know you, making you happy, and truly falling for you. And sex would be nice but I'd rather make love to you. :)

That’s so sweet. I’m not sure I’m easy to fall in love with, but it sounds nice to me.